Dawson partners with CAE on new technology in Nursing

Dawson College has entered into a partnership with CAE, the leading Quebec-based company specializing in simulator-based technology, from aviation to healthcare.

According to CAE, when its Healthcare division decided to design a specialized nursing skills patient simulator, it reached out to Dawson, specifically the Nursing department, to develop a model that responded to the needs of both teachers and students. Caroline White of the Nursing department led the project on Dawson’s behalf, working closely with the team from CAE.

The result of this exciting collaboration can be seen here, in the video produced by CAE:

Sylvain Beaudry, Director of Product Management at CAE Healthcare, was impressed by the level of expertise and practical applications brought to the table by Dawson. “Caroline and the Dawson team were always available, enthusiastic, flexible and very proactive in the process. Their feedback during the various phases of product development proved extremely valuable and confirmed the importance of that positive relationship for our success.”

The product, CAE Juno, has been commercialized thanks to the Dawson collaboration and has been received positively by the healthcare industry and health education institutions.

“You must be proud of that team of exception: their passion is contagious and they are outstanding ambassadors for your institution,” Mr. Beaudry said. “I hope that we will grow this positive relationship with Dawson College as we move forward in our product development — we have many ideas and would appreciate to continue working with your team, involving them as much as possible in various training programs. Through our collaboration, we would be pleased to give visibility to Dawson College on the international scene.”

Congratulations to Caroline and the team and the Nursing department!

Last Modified: September 21, 2017