Environmental Education at Dawson College


Dawson College strives to help students successfully complete their program of studies, but it also encourages students to take an active interest in the world around them, including shared values in our society such as increased awareness of environmental issues.

Environmental education at Dawson College takes a multidisciplinary approach that fosters learning and increases each student’s knowledge and awareness about the environment. Students will develop the necessary skills and expertise to address the challenges, and develop attitudes, the motivation and commitment to make informed decisions and to take responsible action (UNESCO, Tbilisi Declaration, 1978).

Click on the links below for more information on the two Dawson profiles focused on the environment.

Environmental Studies Profile (Social Science)
Environmental Science Profile (Science)

Seminars are offered by the Environmental Science Program and Environmental Studies Profile during the 2013-2014 academic year; these seminars offer a forum where students and faculty from Science and Social Science can meet, exchange and hold joint activities.

Last Modified: March 27, 2015