Quebec colleges to receive $5 million to improve services for students with special needs


The PQ government has pledged $5 million to support the CEGEP network in improving and enhancing services for students with special needs.

Of that amount, $3 million will be injected immediately while the remaining $2 million is earmarked for the coming year to help immigrant and aboriginal students integrate.

The Fédération des CEGEPs, to which Dawson College belongs, was pleased with the news despite it was only half the amount it sees as necessary to deal with the “explosion” of students with special needs in the network.

Dawson Director General Richard Filion told the Gazette at the news conference on Tuesday that in the last five years, the number of CEGEP students with special needs has soared to about 7,500 from about 1,300. Dawson will receive its share of the new funding for its 1,000 students with special needs, based on a calculation of special needs students at each institution.

“The network is struggling with quite a big challenge to integrate those students with disabilities,” the Director General told the Gazette. “We need resources and now the minister has said he’s aware of the challenge and is ready to help.”

Last Modified: March 27, 2015