Information you need about COVID now



  • Maintain 2m distancing whenever possible
  • Wash/sanitize hands frequently
  • Wear procedural mask snugly, change after 4 hours of continuous wear
  • When outside, wear a mask if < 2m apart; the mask can be removed if the activity keeps the people at >2 m at all times
  • Limit social contacts and visiting, especially inside
  • When possible, try to limit your contact with people to less than 15 minutes


COVID-19 screening clinics in the Montreal metropolitan clinics in Montreal

Screening clinics in Laval



1-877-644-4545  at any time.


Please note: Priority groups for vaccination are re-evaluated on a regular basis and vary from region to region. The order of priority may be revised based on various considerations.

Vaccination of children and pregnant women will be determined based on future studies on vaccine safety and efficacy in these people.


  • People who come into contact with the virus days before vaccination or up to 21 days after vaccination , can still get infected, develop COVID-19 symptoms and test (+) for COVID-19.


Someone who has just received one does of the vaccine can still get the virus, fight the infection and STILL transmit the virus to someone else.

Even if the vaccines are somewhat less effective against some the variants, vaccinated people will still have some level of immunity compared with someone who has not been vaccinated.

At this time, it appears that the vaccines remain effective in one of the most important ways – preventing severe disease and hospitalization.

The more the virus is allowed to replicate, the sooner variants will appear that evade the vaccines – this is why it is so critical to immunize quickly and broadly. If we have too many people who refuse vaccination or it takes too long to vaccinate the world’s population, we will all be at greater risk.

Last Modified: April 20, 2021