Updated COVID procedures


If you develop COVID-like symptoms:

  • Do not come to the College
  • Go home if you are already here
  • Self-isolate immediately
  • Go for PCR testing
  • Email COVIDHR@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

Mask wearing:

  • The College still has mask dispensing stations around the campus
  • Wearing a mask is recommended when you cannot keep a distance from others Wearing a mask is recommended in the presence of vulnerable or immunocompromised people as well as when it is difficult to keep a distance from others.
  • People who test positive must self-isolate: vaccinated people for the first 5 days then wear the mask for the next 5 days. Unvaccinated people need to isolate for five days and then retest negative for COVID in order to end their isolation period.

For the latest COVID protocols, go to: https://www.quebec.ca/sante/problemes-de-sante/a-z/coronavirus-2019/consignes-sanitaires-de-base

Quebec Government Information


Last Modified: September 22, 2022