Diagnostic Imaging Students Benefit from New Equipment

The Diagnostic Imaging program has recently replaced x-ray units in four of its five x-ray rooms. The program has also acquired an ultrasound machine and a flat panel mobile radioscopic unit similar to those used during student clinical stages in Dawson-affiliated hospitals. The latter machine (pictured with Diagnostic Imaging student Vasiana Peja) provides x-ray imaging access to operating rooms, eliminating the need to move patients to fixed machines in dedicated hospital spaces.

The radiological units use the latest digital wireless technology, with acquired images sent directly from x-ray detectors to viewing monitors via Wi-Fi. First- and second-year students will be trained on the equipment prior to their clinical stages that take place in the third year of the program. These advanced machines will allow for a better equipment-to-student ratio, enabling smaller groups of students to work in the x-ray rooms during their lab courses.

Graduates of Diagnostic Imaging work in general radiography (including emergency room) and/or radioscopy (including operating room), ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other imaging settings. The new equipment will ensure that students are prepared for their important role in healthcare upon graduation from Dawson.

Last Modified: September 27, 2017