Food purchased thanks to North-South Studies fundraiser
Food purchased thanks to North-South Studies fundraiser

North-South alumni mobilize support for Nicaraguan community


Six alumni of the North-South Studies Profile in Social Science moved into action in early November when they heard that Tuapi, Nicaragua was in the line of Hurricane Eta.

The powerful Category 4 hurricane struck the community they had visited as their North-South Field Trip in 2016-2017 on Nov. 3. Sadly, Hurricane Iota struck the community just two weeks later on Nov. 17. The second hurricane is perhaps the most powerful one in the history of Nicaragua.

Homes damaged

“All of the homes have been impacted with great damage to roofs and foundations,” said Gisela Frias, Coordinator of North-South Studies, who has been providing support for fundraising efforts.

“The community lives from fishing and subsistence agriculture,” she said. “This was a detrimental blow to their ability to feed themselves. Right now, the main needs are for water and food and eventually, they will have to begin the long reconstruction work.”

Help needed to reach $10,000 goal

The immediate fundraising goal was $1,000 and the early support encouraged the group to push the goal to $5,000. They have now met that goal as well and are aiming for $10,000. Just over $6,000 had been raised as of Dec. 1.

“Money has already been flowing down to the community,” Gisela reported. “Three transfers have been sent and they have been used for food.  These are received by a local government commission who has been keeping us up to date and providing accountability.”

Donations used for food and evacuation

In addition to providing food, the donations were also used to help evacuate people into safety between the two hurricanes.

“North-South Studies faculty are proud of our graduates as they show leadership, solidarity and a sense of global citizenship by responding to this urgent situation. We hope that the rest of the Dawson community will give us their support,“ said Gisela.

Join more than 80 donors with your online support

The fundraising campaign is still underway and you can join the more than 80 donors from North-South Studies, Dawson College and friends by contributing here:

Last Modified: December 1, 2020