Photo courtesy of Carlos Viani (Class of 2009, AEC in Commercial Photography)
Photo courtesy of Carlos Viani (Class of 2009, AEC in Commercial Photography)

The Confinement Diaries of AEC in Commercial Photography grad


Carlos Viani lost his job in the hospitality industry and returned to photography during the pandemic, which he calls a blessing in disguise.

Carlos is a 2009 graduate of the AEC in Commercial Photography at Dawson College. “I have rarely seen such a dedicated and inspiring faculty,” Carlos said of his experience at Dawson College.

Capturing historic moment

He wanted to capture the historic moment of ordinary people’s lives during this extraordinary time.

The result of this passion project, which has redirected Carlos back to his love of photography, is now the subject of an exhibit called The Confinement Diaries. The portraiture style photos were taken in May, June and July in the urban Montreal neighbourhood of St-Henri.

Currently displayed on Notre Dame West Street

The exhibit is being displayed in windows of vacant commercial space along Notre-Dame Street West in St-Henri. It has been up for about a month and will be phased out as the space is rented again.

More photos and info

You can see some of The Confinement Diaries photos and other photos by Carlos on his website.

You can learn more about Carlos and his project in a feature that was published in The Montreal Gazette on Sept. 3.

Last Modified: December 1, 2020