On every trip to Nicaragua, the North South Studies program supplies and receives donations from a number of different suppliers, including from the North South program itself, which will then be distributed to the Nicaraguans throughout the course of the trip. On the 2011-2012 Nicaragua trip, the North South program donated a great variety of things. They supplied 9 medical kits, 30 laptops, baseball equipment, 4 boxes of brand-new soccer uniforms, soccer balls, stuffed animals, toys, as well as a bundle of clothes for Nicaraguan families.

Some of the suppliers for the 2011-2012 Nicaragua trip included laptop donations by Carole Archambault, the donor from the Computer Sciences Canada (CSC) Company, other laptops from the CGI Computer Company, and soccer uniforms by Sylvain Joly.

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring or donating items, such as laptops, soccer or baseball uniforms and equipment, soccer balls, clothing, toys, or eye glasses, etc, for next year’s Nicaragua trip or the following trips, please contact Fred Jones:

We are always very thankful for your donations and for your generosity!

Last Modified: August 22, 2018