Program Development, Revision & Evaluation

Pedagogical Counsellor - Program Development & Revision
Madeleine Bazerghi
Office: 4B.3A-6
Local: 1476
Pedagogical Counsellor - Program Revision & Evaluation
Monica Lopez
Office: 4B.3A-5
Local: 1321

Program Development

The Office of Academic Development is responsible for the development of new college programs.


Program Revision

Programs may be revised when specific recommendations are made as part of a formal evaluation process or in response to feedback generated through ongoing self-evaluation. Additionally, programs are revised when new objectives (competencies) are developed by the Ministry of Education.


Dawson Program Documents are available on here.


Ministerial Program Documents are available here.


Program Evaluation

The purpose of program evaluation is:

  • To determine whether a program is being implemented effectively;
  • To use the results generated by the evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program;
  • To make recommendations to build upon the strengths and address the weaknesses.

Program evaluations are carried out as per Dawson College’s Institutional Program Evaluation Policy.

Last Modified: November 28, 2019