Who supports Projects and College Initiatives in the Office of Academic Development?

Coordinator, Non-Research Projects
Louise Paul
Office: 4B.3A-1
  Local: 1447
Coordinator, SSAP - Projects
Administrative Support to S.P.A.C.E.
Ursula Sommerer
Office: 4B.3A-8
  Local: 1353

What is the Entente Canada - Québec?

The Entente Canada – Québec is a Federal/Provincial funding agreement whereby the Federal government transfers funds to the provinces to financially support projects originating in post-secondary minority language educational establishments. In each province the provincial government manages the awarding of the funds through Calls for Proposals. The principle focus of this particular granting agency is to fund projects that ameliorate, support or create new pedagogical tools, structures or designs.

Do you have more questions? Please visit the Entente Canada-Quebec website.

How are College Initiatives and Projects Funded?

The vast majority of non-research funding is geared towards projects that focus on learning (inside or outside the classroom) or socio-cultural awareness and/or innovative techno-pedagogical tools. For example, in the 2014-2015 academic year, the Engineering Technology programs received funding from a Québec granting agency to create a pilot online Math Tutorial program, additionally, The First People’s Initiative (FPI) was funded by MEERS, thereby allowing the FPI to host the Indigenous Awareness Days events as well as crucial community building events like the Dawson College Visioning Session with Indigenous groups  and stakeholders. As well, Liz Charles and the SALTISE group were awarded funds from Entente Canada – Québec to fund small projects that in some way contributed to Active Learning pedagogies and principles.  This is just a small taste of the variety of different projects and initiatives that were funded in 2014-2015 by the College and external granting agencies.


What constitutes Research at Dawson College?

The research mission of Dawson College supports the College’s broader mission to contribute positively to our communities through knowledge generation and mobilization, to generate opportunities for our students to excel, create and be entrepreneurs and to foster innovation in education, science, society, and technology across disciplines.

Research at Dawson will strengthen the intellectual, economic and social development of Québec and Canada by generating new knowledge across disciplines, fostering, promoting and producing new ideas and products, training students and improving the lives of our stakeholders, community members and people around the globe. The College is committed to creating opportunities for faculty, students and staff to collaborate on research that builds communities, creates jobs and contributes to social and economic development in Montréal and beyond. The College will promote and reinforce the highest standards of integrity in all of its members’ scholarship and research initiatives.

Are you interested in exploring opportunities to do research at Dawson? Visit the Research webpage.

What is Student Success Action Plan-Projects?

The office of Academic Development funds extra-curricular and in-curricula projects that involve direct student participation and/ or takes a new or creative approach to pedagogy and student skill development. Every year projects from all sectors of the college receive funding to realise incredible projects dreamed of by students and faculty. Student Success Action Plan Projects is one of the best resources for students and faculty who want to expand their learning experience and make the College the place to be.

Our Coordinator Tina Romeo is always available to answer your questions. You may contact her at tromeo@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.

Last Modified: November 12, 2018