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Winning Teaching Practices By and For Dawson Teachers

Winning Classroom Activities By and For Dawson Teachers

External Resources

  • APOP (Association pour les applications pédagogiques de l’ordinateur au postsecondaire)
    APOP offers a platform for disseminating pedagogical information/documents and promoting new information technologies.
  • AQPC (Association Québecoise de pédagogie collégiale)AQPC promotes, stimulates and supports college level teaching through meetings, research, etc.
  • CCDMD (Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique)CCDMD meets needs not filled by publishers, providing printed, digital and online materials for a range of course contents and programs, including materials for improving French/English language skills.
  • CDC (Centre de documentation collégiale)The CDC collects documents on college-level education and education in general.
  • Cegep@distanceCegep@distance provides college-level education in a distance format and designs/develops distance education materials.
  • Platforme collegiale DECclicDECclic is a higher education platform designed by teachers and widely used by Quebec colleges.
  • Infiressources (Infirmier ressources)This site contains nursing related research and information for teachers and students.
  • Profweb- the Quebec College Crossroad for IT integrationProfweb supports IT integration in teaching and learning.
  • Saut Quantique- Centre d’innovation pédagogique en sciences au collégialSaut Quantique promotes pedagogical innovation in college-level science programs.
  • La Vitrine Technologie-EducationLa Vitrine Technologie promotes/supports the integration of technology in education, e.g. Eureka learning object repository.

Please note that website descriptions were taken from the Canada-Quebec Entente promotional brochure.

Last Modified: June 13, 2018