Mission, Vision and Values

Friends in our gardens
Friends in our gardens

Dawson College has an abiding commitment to peace, both in action and education. This commitment is discernable through the Peace Studies Certificate and the various projects, events, and activities organized and/or co-sponsored by the Dawson College Peace Centre.  The Centre is dedicated to the practical application of peace in our every-day world. Its central pedagogical tenet is using collaborative community project-based initiatives to teach, inspire, and engage people to making a commitment to peace in pragmatic ways. Real solutions to real world problems with compassion, respect, teamwork, leadership and love is the heart of the Dawson College Peace Centre, and the thrust of the Peace Studies Certificate.


To achieve peace and nonviolence  in our community through education and action.


The Dawson Peace Centre is a hub for:

Learning: To offer formal and informal educational opportunities in peace studies

Knowledge: To collaborate with other peacebuilders to better understand nonviolence and peace

Innovation: To translate knowledge about peace and nonviolence into concrete practices in our communities

Mobilization and Action: To engage in partnerships that contribute to peace and nonviolence initiatives within the Dawson College Community and beyond


The Dawson Center for Peace Education’s values offer an understanding of peace as a lifelong individual and collective project.

  • Nonviolence and Peace
  • Respect and Care for the Community of Life
  • Ecological Integrity
  • Social and Economic Justice
  • Service to our Community

Last Modified: March 22, 2017