Printshop & Audio-Visual


For all requests relating to Printshop, please:

  • go to room 2E.01
  • call local 1118
  • web Online Requests, Forms & Documents
  • open Monday-Thursday 7:45-19:00 & Friday 7:45-17:30
    (Note: hours may be adjusted outside of the semester schedules.)

List of equipment and services from Audio-Visual counter

  • Stand-alone LCD Projector/Computer carts (10 PC, 3 iMac)
  • CRT TVs with DVD/VCR combo player
  • LCD widescreen TVs with PCs and DVD/VCR combo players
  • Overhead projectors for transparencies/acetates
  • VGA and HDMI adapters for Apple’s “thunderbolt” connections
  • Various cables (VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and various audio cables)
  • HDMI to VGA video converters (with audio)
  • Small speakers (can connect microphones, instruments, CD players, phone/iPod music)
  • DVD/VCR combo player remotes for use in classrooms
  • LCD projector remotes for use in classrooms (these are used only for turning equipment ON/OFF)
  • Extension cords and power bars
  • Audio CD/Cassette players (old boom boxes)

Audio-Visual also maintains all projector screens and the overhead projector machines in classrooms –NOT LCD projectors attached to ceilings.

Audio-Visual should not to be confused with the Multimedia Center or the Computer Support-Help Desk.

Last Modified: June 12, 2019