Release Time

Dawson College recognizes that lack of time is the biggest barrier for college teachers planning to do research. Since 1996, Dawson has invested in the equivalent of 3 full-time teaching equivalents (3 FTE) to give researchers time to work on their research projects. Priority is given to researchers who are funded through recognized external agencies (e.g. FRQNT, FRQNT, NSERC, SSHRC, PAREA).


If you wish to be considered for research release for your project, you must request release when you submit your proposal for internal approval.

  1. Submit the details of your proposal through the Grants Management System (GMS) on SharePoint, including agency and program information.
  2. Prepare a statement of justification for your release request and enter it in the appropriate box in the GMS. This statement should outline:
    1. The amount of release time in FTE or number of courses requested per semester and the duration of the project;
    2. A summary of the tasks and hours required to completed the work;
    3. How your project meets the evaluation criteria below.
  3. Every year in February, the Research Coordinator will send funded and pending researchers an application form to complete to request research release for the following year.

The Dean’s Group reviews requests for release as the various funding competition results are announced, and generally makes final decisions in late spring.


  1. Impact of project on college teaching and/or student learning and/or relevance to programs of study;
  2. Involvement of external partners (community organizations and/or other post-secondary institutions);
  3. Project likely to result in positive change in College, Canada, and/or society at large (e.g. social and/or technological innovation and/or policy changes);
  4. Highly qualified personnel training plan – involvement of Dawson students and/or undergraduates and/or grad students;
  5. Predicted impact of knowledge dissemination and mobilization (publications and/or conference presentations and/or outreach to community etc.);
  6. Potential to bring in revenue and/or increase research capacity.

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Last Modified: February 12, 2016