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Entente Canada – Québec

Internal Coordinator - ECQ
Azra Khan
Office: 4B.3A-2
  Local: 1409

The Entente Canada – Québec is a Federal/Provincial funding agreement whereby the Federal government transfers funds to the provinces to financially support projects originating in post-secondary minority language educational establishments. In each province the provincial government manages the awarding of the funds through Calls for Proposals. The principle focus of this particular granting agency is to fund projects that ameliorate, support or create new pedagogical tools, structures or designs.

Who can apply for ECQ funding?

ECQ funding is intended for post-secondary institutions, CEGEPs and Universities, operating in the minority language of the province.

At Dawson College, faculty and staff who have projects that meet the criteria for the grant are eligible to apply.

Where do I apply for funds?

All applications for Entente Canada-Québec must go through the Sharepoint ECQ Grants Management Site. This new system is designed to streamline the application process, track the resources that will be required for the implementation of the projects and assist in remitting final reports.

To start a new proposal, click on Proposals on the left hand side tab, then click on +New Item. In the My Project Documents, you will find a blank copy of the newest Call for Proposals application. Be sure to complete all sections in the Sharepoint new proposal section, including attaching your completed application form.

All completed applications will be vetted by the Internal Coordinator who will then submit them for final approval from the Academic Dean.

Last Modified: October 19, 2018