Alexis Nihon Business Plan Competition 2018

April 15th, 2018

The Plaza Alexis Nihon Business Plan Competition is a new initiative for the second year by the Business Administration Department.

It will approach ALL students in ALL programs in Dawson to participate in the submission of business plans for business ventures that are socially responsible. It will involve over 3000 students including all programs: Commerce, Business programs, students in Social Sciences, Technical programs, Photography, Design, Nursing, Electrotech, CONT ED, etc.
The students will submit a one page summary and prepare a powerpoint presentation and excels. The participating 12 teams will reate a powerpoint to summarize the business plan and present a 20 minute presentation and ten minute question period in front of business people who will act as judges. The judges will then select the first , second and third place winners.
A prize is given to these winners by Plaza Alexis Nihon; $800 first prize, $500 second prize and $300 third prize.

Last Modified: December 22, 2017