Our Role

Who we are and What we do

We offers a variety of services such as academic accommodations and strategies to meet the needs of students with significant and persistent barriers that impact their learning. Services are available for students registered in day or evening credit courses.

Reasonable accommodations are provided to students with a diagnosis of hearing, visual, motor or organic impairments, learning disabilities, neurological and/or mental health disorders.  Accommodations may also be offered to students who due to an accident or illness will require temporary support.  In some cases, this same support may be available to students that are in the process of being assessed, awaiting a medical appointment or who have been referred to us.

Accommodations are determined by an Adapted Services Counsellor based on information provided by the student and any medical/psychological documentation provided by the student. The intention is to provide the student an equal opportunity to learn and to demonstrate their knowledge. Students registered with the SAAC do not receive a modified curriculum and are held to the same standards as their peers.

Some of the accommodations offered by the SAAC are:

  • A quiet space to write tests/exams
  • Extended time for tests/exams or stop time
  • Use of a computer/laptop
  • Alternative formats of texts or documents
  • Specialized equipment and/or software
  • Peer note-takers
  • Faculty liaison
  • Support from a special education technician
  • Support from a student attendant
  • Referral to other college resources
  • Etc.


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Last Modified: February 13, 2024