Accommodation request / approval

Requesting Accommodations

In order for students to activate and make use of their accommodations in any given semester a request must be made and their Individual Education Plan (IEP) must be signed electronically.

The request for accommodations and the signing of the IEP must be done EVERY semester before the deadline.

New Accommodations Request

New students to the SAAC service should make an appointment with their counsellor in order to determined accommodations.

If you have not yet met with a counsellor, you must first complete our registration process.

Renewing Accommodations WITH changes

Returning students that wish to discuss and/or make changes to their accommodations should make an appointment with their counsellor in order to review their request.

Renewing Accommodations WITHOUT changes

Returning students MUST request approval of their accommodations online by using the self-registration module.

From this platform, students can select some, or all previously approved accommodations from a list for each of their courses.  Once a request is received, their counsellor will either approve or deny the request.  Students can verify the status of their request by logging back into the “Self Registration” module.

  • If approved, the student will be sent their Individual Education Plan (IEP) to their Dawson College email account and are asked to confirm it. Once confirmation is received, accommodation letters will be emailed to their teachers.
  • If denied, the student will need to make an appointment with their counsellor.


Last Modified: February 15, 2021