French Learning Specialist

For information on the services offered for French, or to make an appointment, please contact:

Student AccessAbility Centre
Agnes Zagury
Office: 6D.2-4
Local: 1197

General information:

As part of the AccessAbility Centre I am a learning specialist with a background in pedagogical counselling and work one on one with students to help them with their French as a second language (FSL) courses at the college level. I also work with the teaching staff of the French department. This means that I advise, lead, provide information, as well as develop, support and give feedback to the teaching staff at the College, in connection with pedagogy, and French. I also develop learning and teaching strategies for the students and the faculty. My office is located in room 2E.11. I help students on a regular basis (1 hour a week for the duration of the semester) or on occasion, usually when something was not understood or when help is needed for a specific assignment, exam, quiz, etc.

What are my roles as a French Learning Specialist?

  • Identify and assess the learning difficulties of students who are experiencing significant challenges in their FSL courses at the college level
  • Work with both students with documented learning disabilities and/or students identified by their French teachers as those who require specialized intervention
  • Develop pedagogical strategies to assist students with learning difficulties in FSL courses
  • Provide individual tutoring in reading, writing and language development to students with learning difficulties in FSL courses
  • Liaise with French department faculty concerning individual student progress and needs
  • Consult with and train French department faculty to assist in the implementation of pedagogical strategies geared to students having learning difficulties in FSL courses

What help do I offer students?

  • Help students develop study skills to prepare for various types of evaluations (compositions, orals, reading comprehensions, etc.)
  • Work on reading, writing and oral competencies
  • Explain in detail how to use the tools that are accessible to them (Antidote, Word-Q, French-English dictionary, etc.)
  • Give them extra material (in both French and English) that will help them grasp difficult French concepts (tables, checklists, additional exercises, etc.)
  • Help students find credible French articles for certain French assignments

What help do I offer faculty?

  • Offer pedagogical material which were developed to help students grasp difficult concepts
  • Offer assistance to teachers who would like more information on a specific student that I am working with
  • Offer information about the progress and the needs of students that I am working with
  • Offer certain solutions to problems that may arise in a classroom

Last Modified: April 21, 2017