In-Class evaluations

Students with Test/Exam accommodations may or may not make use of them.  This decision is the students and may depend on the type of evaluation given in class.

Students may also decide to begin their test/exam in class and then ask to be escorted to our service to complete their extended time.  This is possible only if they sign up for their test/exam following the 3 day protocol and if their teacher is available to escort them to our service.  Teachers are not obligated to do so and can refuse this request.

Student Sign up

It is the responsibility of the students to inform both the SAAC and their professors if they will be taking their test/exam in our Centre. Students with test/exam accommodations are required to register 3 days prior to the test/exam date by signing up via the AccessAbility Online Module.

Once they have registered, the system will generate an email informing you of their intention to write with the Centre.

Please note, students will be given one chance should they forget or miss the 3 day deadline. Subsequent “forgets” will require the student to write in the classroom without accommodations. We ask that you honor and respect this consequence.

Extended Time

Extended time is calculated based on the confirmation or correction of parameters entered by the teacher.

Students have the option to use their additional time either before class begins or after class has ended. Should they choose to write before class has begun, the system will only permit them to start at a time that is the length of their additional time and not any earlier.

Under no circumstance does the SAAC approve or encourage students to miss or arrive late to a class because of writing a test/exam in our Centre.


Once you have received an email confirmation of a student’s registration, we ask that you please provide us with the test/exam parameters via the AccessAbility Online Module. We ask that you confirm date, time, duration, material allowed, etc.  This information is crucial in order to appropriately invigilate your student.  f for an unavoidable reason you can only submit parameters on the day it is to be completed, please come to see us. We also ask that you do not use email to send us this information.


We ask that you please provide us with the test 48 hours before the test/exam as it is imperative that we organize accordingly prior to the day the test/exam is scheduled. You may choose to upload the test/exam via the AccessAbility Online Module.  If for an unavoidable reason you can only submit the test/exam on the day it is to be completed, please hand deliver them. We also ask that you do not use email to send us this information.

Pick up

We kindly ask that you pick up your completed test/exam the same day your student has written it.  The test/exam is usually ready for pick up shortly after their end time. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to return your test/exam by email and we discourage internal mail.  Should you want your student to return it to you in a sealed envelop, we ask that you indicate this in the parameters.

Last Modified: December 20, 2019