Note-Taker (student providing notes)

If you’ve been asked to be a note-taker for a fellow student in your class, we suggest verifying with the SAAC if the student(s) requesting notes, does in fact have note-taking as an approved accommodation. Failure to do so may result in us not paying for your services.

By accepting to be a note-taker, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • To attend all classes. In the event that you must be absent, inform the student(s) you are taking notes for and arrange for a substitute note-taker for that class.
  • To provide your notes to the student(s) in a timely manner.  How notes are to be given should be discussed and agreed upon.
  • To write or print legibly. If you use abbreviations, you should provide a legend for those abbreviations.
  • To include in your notes:
    • Course, date, and page number on each page
    • All important points and supporting details of the lecture, including information written on the board and on overheads
    • All due dates for tests and assignments
    • All topics to study for tests and other review material noted by the teacher
    • To advise the SAAC if the student(s) you are providing notes for is frequently absent

For payment, the college requires that you:

  • Complete the Note Taker Payment Form Note Taker Payment Form UPDATED
  • Submit a Direct Deposit form issued by your bank
  • Enter your Social Insurance number in Omnivox (Omnivox > Personal File > Social Insurance Number)
  • Email both the complete Note Taker Payment Form and Direct Deposit Form to:

Payment will be issued shortly after the semester has ended.

Time Sensitive

DEADLINE to submit documents: LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER. Incomplete forms or missing documents will not be processed and could result in non-payment if not received in time.

Last Modified: January 14, 2022