COVID-19 and Note-taking:

Note-Taker (student providing notes):

• We are asking, if feasible, that students continue their role as Note-takers. Please communicate with the student(s) requiring the notes to see what the best way is to share your notes with them (email, MIO, etc.)

• For payment, please address your questions to

Note-Takee (student requiring notes):

• Note-takers are asked to continue their role as your Note-taker and to share their notes with you. Please communicate with your Note-taker to see what the best way is to receive their notes. However, it’s important to realize that it may no longer be feasible for your note-taker to provide you with their notes. If you have any concerns, please advise your counsellor.

Note-Takee (student needing notes)

In order to have a note-taker in class, your counsellor must have approved it as an accommodation.

Having a note-taker is not a reason to miss class!  You should be an active participant in each of your courses.

How to recruit

  • By approaching a student directly;
  • By asking a friend in class;
  • By asking your teacher to make an anonymous announcement to the class.

Should you have difficulties recruiting a note-taker, please come see us so that we may look for alternatives.

Once found…

Once a note-taker has been secured, a contractual hiring form must be filled by your note-taker and signed by both of you.  Either you or the note-taker can pick up a form from our office in 2E.8A.

Exchanging notes

The method for exchanging notes should be discussed with your note-taker.  Depending on your preference, options include taking pictures or making photocopies of the notes (at your expense); alternatively, we can provide note-taking paper which allows the note-taker to give you an immediate copy of the notes.

If your note-taker is frequently absent or notes provided are not satisfactory, please come see us early in the semester.

Do not wait until it is too late!

Note-Taker (student providing notes)

Some guidelines to follow:

You must attend all classes . If absent, you must advise student and arrange for a substitute note-taker for that class. Write or print legibly. If you use abbreviations, please provide a legend for those abbreviations .

  • Your notes should include:
    • Course, date and page number on each page
    • All important points and supporting details of the lecture, including information written on the board and on PowerPoints
    • All due dates for tests and assignments
    • All topics to study for tests and other review material noted by the teacher
  • Determine and agree upon how notes will be provided to the student:
    • Photo taken with phone
    • Photocopy (paid by student receiving notes)
    • Typed and emailed
    • NCR note-taking paper
  • Should your notes prove unsatisfactory to the note-takee, or they no longer require notes, payment will be pro-rated based on the number of hours notes were taken
  • If you begin note-taking after the start of the semester, notes from the first days or weeks of class must be provided to the note-takee
  • If the note-takee is frequently absent, please advise the SAAC

We suggest verifying with the SAAC if the student(s) requesting notes, does in fact have note-taking as an approved accommodation. Failure to do so may result in us not paying for your services.

Contractual payment forms can be picked up and must be returned to 2E.8A at the very latest one week after classes have ended. Forms received after that date may not be paid. Payment will be issued shortly after the end of the semester.


While many students are able to find a note-taker on their own, at times, a student will request your assistance to find a note-taker and as such may ask if you could make a general announcement in class about a fellow student needing a note-taker.

We ask that you do so discretely, without naming the student in question.  We suggest making an announcement in class or by MIO.  Once a potential note-taker comes forward, introduce the note-taker and note-takee; after class, in your office or by MIO.

Once a note-taker is found they must come to the SAAC office to pick up a contractual payment form.  This should be done prior to the end of the semester.

Last Modified: April 6, 2020