Note-Takee (student needing notes)

In order to have a note-taker in class, your counsellor must have approved it as an accommodation.

Having a note-taker is not a reason to miss class!  You should be an active participant in each of your courses.

How to recruit

  • By approaching a student directly;
  • By asking a friend in class;
  • By asking your teacher to make an anonymous announcement to the class.

Should you have difficulties recruiting a note-taker, please come see us so that we may look for alternatives.

Once found…

Once a note-taker has been secured, a contractual hiring form must be filled by your note-taker.  Please ask your note-taker contact

Exchanging notes

The method for exchanging notes should be discussed with your note-taker.

If your note-taker is frequently absent or notes provided are not satisfactory, please communicate with us early in the semester.  Do not wait until it is too late!

Note-Taker (student providing notes)

Some guidelines to follow:

You must attend all classes . If absent, you must advise student and arrange for a substitute note-taker for that class. Write or print legibly. If you use abbreviations, please provide a legend for those abbreviations .

  • Your notes should include:
    • Course, date and page number on each page
    • All important points and supporting details of the lecture, including information written on the board and on PowerPoints
    • All due dates for tests and assignments
    • All topics to study for tests and other review material noted by the teacher
  • Determine and agree upon how notes will be provided to the student:
  • Should your notes prove unsatisfactory to the note-takee, or they no longer require notes, payment will be pro-rated based on the number of hours notes were taken
  • If you begin note-taking after the start of the semester, notes from the first days or weeks of class must be provided to the note-takee
  • If the note-takee is frequently absent, please advise the SAAC

We suggest verifying with the SAAC if the student(s) requesting notes, does in fact have note-taking as an approved accommodation. Failure to do so may result in us not paying for your services.

For payment, please contact so that a contractual payment forms can be sent to you.  You will need to return this form along with a picture/copy of your social insurance card before the last week of class. Payment will be issued shortly after the end of the semester.


While many students are able to find a note-taker on their own, at times, a student will request your assistance to find a note-taker and as such may ask if you could make a general announcement in class about a fellow student needing a note-taker.

We ask that you do so discretely, without naming the student in question.  We suggest making an announcement in class or by MIO.  Once a potential note-taker comes forward, introduce the note-taker and note-takee; after class or by MIO.

Once a note-taker is found they must contact the SAAC at for a contractual payment form.  This should be done prior to the end of the semester.

Last Modified: August 25, 2020