Required Documentation

Students wishing to register with the SAAC to receive reasonable accommodations must provide the SAAC with a medical document or a psycho-educational evaluation issued by an authorized Quebec-licensed professional.  Authorized professionals can include:

  • a physician (medical)
  • a psychologist or neuro-psychologist
  • a speech therapist
  • an optometrist
  • an audiologist
  • a guidance counsellor holding the appropriate training certificate issued by the professional order to which he or she belongs
  • a nurse with the experience and training required by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec

The document must contain a clearly stated diagnosis, as well as the name, signature and license number of the professional and the date of the evaluation.

NoteThe following documentation is not sufficient proof of a confirmed diagnosis and will not be accepted:
  • An Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Documents containing the following statements: compatible with, appears to, symptoms of, hypothesis of, presents itself as, seems to be, resembles, or any other non-specific statement.
  • Reference to another document containing a diagnosis.

It is strongly suggest that students verify their documentation to ensure it meets the requirements and, if needed, contact the professional who issued the document and ask for an addendum or confirmation attesting to a diagnosis.

ImportantStudents who do not have the appropriate documentation, but think they may qualify for accommodations, should still contact the SAAC to make an appointment. Our AccessAbility Counsellors can help guide students through the process of obtaining proper documentation and/or provide referrals to other College services.

AccessAbility counsellors are unable to formally diagnose students.

Last Modified: August 14, 2019