Advanced Week

With a more specific focus on film photography, students will learn analog photographic processes, such as loading pinhole and 35mm film cameras and developing images in the darkroom. A portion of this week will also cover advanced techniques using flash photography and other advanced digital concepts.

Students entering this course will be pushed to explore their creative side and make pictures that express their reaction to the world.

Once again, incorporating field trips, (e.g., museum visits, park outings, etc.) students who enjoyed Digital 1 and 2 will undoubtedly love digital advanced week. By the end of the week each camper should come away with a small portfolio of work in the genre of their preference.

Every Friday at 4:00 p.m., we hold an exhibition/slideshow of students’ work.

Supplies and Miscellaneous Materials needed for Digital Weeks 1, 2 and Advanced:

On your first day of camp, please come prepared with the following materials*:

  • A notebook or paper and pen for taking notes
  • A USB key (4 GB or larger)
  • Digital camera (no cell phone cameras), manual controls are preferable
  • Camera memory card
  • USB cable for camera to computer connection or USB memory card reader (preferable)
  • Extra set of camera batteries
  • Battery charger

*Please contact us to confirm that the camp is running before making any purchases.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The F/Start Team


If you would like to know more about prices and products, you may wish to contact:

Photo Service Ltée
222 Notre-Dame West
Old Montreal
514-849-2291 or

LL Lozeau
6229 St. Hubert (corner Beaubien)

Last Modified: November 20, 2019