The Dawson College Sustainability Policy and the current Dawson College 2016-21 Strategic Plan are the guiding governing documents for Sustainable Dawson. The sustainability policy was adopted by the Board of Governors and is reviewed by the Sustainable Dawson Steering Committee once every two to three years. Any policy changes are recommended to Senate and then, if warranted, to the Board of Governors.

The Director General populates the Steering Committee with a cross-section of the college community including, faculty, administration, support staff, deans, management, students and professionals.

Sustainability Steering Committee

Sustainability touches all aspects of the college. The goal of the Steering Committee is to make recommendations to the Director General to further the following key policy statements related to college operations and mission.

  1. To act as an ecologically and socially responsible agent, and
  2. To advance academically the understanding, research on, and teaching of sustainability.

The objective of Sustainable Dawson is to represent the concerns of the entire Dawson community and consolidate them into policy and recommendations. The Sustainability Office will create a sustainability management plan with clear goals, action items, and timelines.

Sustainability Steering Committee – 2017 Members

Chris Adam
Office: 4B.3A-3
  Local: 4624
Profile Coordinator of Environmental Studies
Anna-Liisa Aunio
Office: 5D.5
  Local: 4167
Dean of Science, Medical Studies and Engineering
Leanne Bennett
Office: 6B.19-6
  Local: 1597
Information Technician
Cindy Dale Elliott
Office: 4B.3A
  Local: 4250
Gisela Frias
Office: 8B.10
  Local: 4180
Administration Officer
Geoff Kloos
Office: 2D.0-1
  Local: 1183
Ian Mackenzie
Office: 4D.5
  Local: 4319
Katherine McWhaw
Office: 3B.8-3
  Local: 1474
Coordinator of Building Services
Véronique Paris
Office: 2E.21-3
  Local: 1399

Last Modified: January 23, 2017