Dawson Sustainability Office

The Dawson Sustainability Office exists to:

1) facilitate the achievement of sustainability goals and targets expressed within the College 2016-21 strategic plan goals and targets within an integrated sustainability program and,

2) to develop authentic projects that align with 21st century learning and existing curricula.

As stated in the Dawson College mission, vision and values and the Dawson sustainability policy, the College recognizes its responsibility as an educational institution to model environmentally sound practices and is committed to the concept of sustainability and well-being for all.  It seeks to reduce its ecological footprint by improving its environmental performance in the areas of infrastructure, academic programs, operations, facilities and engagement through the AASHE STARS criteria and the HESI criteria which refer to the 17 United nations sustainability goals. Climate change will be addressed through a bold new carbon neutral campaign. Sustainable Dawson recognizes Nature as a restorative agent and a catalyst that can increase literacy of all kinds.

“Living campus has the capacity to support all of the leading recommendations for bringing education into the 21st century.”

Catherine O’Brien, PhD
Author of: Education for Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being

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Last Modified: April 9, 2021