Sustainable Dawson Event Checklist

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  • YesNoN/A
    Online advertising
    Online registration (RSVP)
    Map available online for attendees
    Recycled paper if hard copy needed
    Re-useable events materials (nametags, linens, boards, posters with NO date, or changeable date for reuse)
  • YesNoN/A
    Recycling containers available
    Composters for food waste
    Energy (do you need all the lights on?)
  • YesNoN/A
    All giveaways should be “USEFUL" items targeted to the age group.
    Contact cafeteria or Sustainable Dawson for reusable plates, cups, cutlery, and tablecloths
    Decorations made from recycled material
    Consider multi-year use of materials
  • YesNoN/A
    Buy in bulk (purchase big chip bags and pour in a bowl instead of multiple smaller bags, large soda instead of individual cans)
    Buy Local (produced in Quebec)
    Untouched leftovers donated to shelter and/ or those in need
    Contact Cafeteria for food options
  • Need help?

    Contact Sustainable Dawson

    * Dawson Clubs-Don’t forget to read the “Sustainable Policy” in your DSU Clubs manual.
    * See sustainability plan (2016-21)

Last Modified: August 14, 2018