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Profile Coordinator of Travel and Tourism Studies
Anna-Liisa Aunio
Office: 5D.5
Local: 4167

Travel and Tourism Studies Profile (300.FT)

In the 21st-century, the world has never been smaller: global markets, travel, and information flows penetrate our daily lives.  No matter what field of study you enter into, chances are your 21st-century career will require an appreciation for and knowledge about living in an increasingly globalized world.  Are you interested in understanding the human dimensions of travel, including social issues such as immigration, human trafficking and global inequality, more deeply?  Or are you interested in studying the global tourism industry, including prospects for ecotourism or social problems such as sex tourism?  Then the travel and tourism profile is the profile for you.  This profile aims to give students a better understanding of the economic, social and cultural impacts of travel and tourism in a 21st-century, globalized world.

Careers & University Programs

The Travel and Tourism profile prepares students for university studies in transportation, hospitality and tourism, as well as geography, marketing and business (note that Mathematics pre-requisites are necessary for university level business studies).

According to the World Tourism Organization, the tourism industry is the world’s fifth fastest growing industry.  University level undergraduate programs prepare students for careers in this industry.  Some examples include:

But the tourism industry isn’t the only option with this profile.  Students pursue a broad array of bachelor degrees with an emphasis on the human dimensions of travel, including human relations, leisure studies, geography, and sociology/anthropology degrees.  Check out:

  • Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University, with Bachelor of Arts degree options in Human Relations and courses in tourism in Canada as well as leisure and the environment.
  • Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University, with Bachelor of Arts degree options in Human Environment and courses in the geography of global change.
  • Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree option in International Development Studies.
  • North American Studies at McGill University, with an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree option in North American Studies.

Students in the Travel and Tourism profile go on to a diverse array of careers, from marketing and management to the foreign service.  Considering that the careers of the future increasingly require the knowledge and skills for working in and adapting to a globalized society, the opportunities of travel and tourism studies are innumerable.

Interested in more information or in becoming a student for the day?  Email aaunio@dawsoncollege.qc.ca


Last Modified: September 20, 2019