3F.38 High-tech AL Classroom

3F.38 is Dawson’s second 1st generation high-tech Active Learning Classroom.

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It was built in 2013 and refines some of the features from 3F.37.

Design Layout (for more about the design features of this room click here)

  • 6 student oval-like tables with 6-7 chairs (on casters) per table for a total room capacity of up to 42 students;
  • Tables are in a “petal” shape with coloured flooring to help delineate this arrangement. This design affords a large open space in the middle of the classroom that is useful for orchestrating whole-class discussions;
  • A small teacher podium on casters that holds the teacher’s wireless keyboards and mice and has room for books and notes.

Technology, Lighting & Sound 

  • 7 wall-mounted SMART Boards (one per student table + one for the teacher) around the perimeter of the room, each with a networked computer PC (mounted just below each SMART Board) and wireless keyboards and mouse on each table. For an introduction on how to use SMART Boards click here;
  • A digital switching system for broadcasting any SMART Board around the room. For details on how to use the digital switcher click here;
  • Flexible lighting that includes dimmable direct lighting over each student table as well as pod lights around the perimeter of the room and lighting in the centre of the room – all on separate switches; For details on how to use the lighting click here;
  • A sound system with speakers in the ceiling that can broadcast sound from the teacher SMART Board. For details on how to use the sound system click here.


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Last Modified: March 9, 2019