Student Employment Officer
Elizabeth Marino
Office: 4E.2
  Local: 1184

For Students:

Go to:  Student Job Bank

The Dawson Job Bank is a great tool for students looking for employment opportunities. Students can find part-time jobs, summer jobs & volunteer offers. In addition, students have access to information concerning JOB LEADS and JOB SEARCH TIPS.

The Student Employment Centre’s role is to assist students in finding part-time and summer employment off campus. As well as, helping graduates of the 3-year Career programs find permanent employment.

Students are welcome to drop by or make an appointment with the Student Employment Counselor if they need to develop their job search skills ( e.g. resume writing, interview skills, and job leads).

During the Winter term, the Employment Center will be hosting its annual Job Fair to help current students find Summer and part-time jobs. Watch for the information.

The Employment Centre is not responsible for jobs on campus. The following departments are responsible for hiring students:

  • Campus Life & Leadership 2E.6
  • Bookstore 1F.2-1
  • Academic Skills Centre 4E.3
  • Library 5C.3
  • PARC 1H.4

For Employers:

Go to:  Student Employment Centre’s Job Bank

The Student Employment Centre provides a means of recruitment. We assist employers seeking to recruit Dawson College students and alumni. The Centre can provide employers with space for on-campus promotion, information sessions and/or booths, and Interviews. For more information about our annual Summer Job Fair, which is usually held the beginning of March, and our Health Care Career Fair in November, please contact us for questions and/or to reserve your spot at: Space is limited!

  • Please fill out & submit the online form for all FULL-TIME PERMANENT JOBS, PART-TIME JOBS, SUMMER JOBS & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:

Last Modified: August 10, 2016