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Class Cancellations

Classes cancelled on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 23:22:02

Time Course / Section Title Teacher
8:30 AM 383-101-DW 00004 Introduction to Economics Charles-Albert Ramsay
9:00 AM 202-NYA-05 00001 General Chemistry Jubrail Rahil
10:00 AM 345-101-MQ 00020 Knowledge Mariam Sambe
11:00 AM 202-NYA-05 00006 General Chemistry Maria Ann Di Stefano
11:00 AM 202-NYB-05 00014 Chemistry of Solutions Roger Machaalani
1:00 PM 607-BWL-03 00010 Spanish 1 Nelly Muresan
2:00 PM 202-NYA-05 00003 General Chemistry Daniel Baril
2:00 PM 202-NYB-05 00020 Chemistry of Solutions Isabelle Dionne

Upcoming cancelled classes

No upcoming classes cancelled.


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