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Student Fees



Any additional student fees (Non-Quebec residency fees, Foreign Student fees, convocation fees $17) that may be applicable to your account have now been generated.

Please verify whether you have any outstanding fees to pay by going to the Payment Center under OMNIVOX services on your MyDawson portal.

The deadline to pay these additional fees is Sunday, August 30, 2020. Any unpaid amount will result in a $25 late payment charge and your file will be placed on default which will block all services on your MyDawson portal until full payment is received.

Fees must be paid on Omnivox by credit card ONLY (Visa or Mastercard) or only if you do not have a credit card through your bank as a bill payment by using your student ID number as the payee and Dawson College as the recipient.

Thank you.

The Finance Department.

Continuing Education Students

All fees are due in full upon registration. Students who do not pay their course fees may have their course registration cancelled, and will remain liable for the non-refundable fees.

Payment Options

Please see payment of fees.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Student Fees office by visiting room 4B.5 or by telephone at 514-931-8731, local 1387.

Non-Quebec Resident Fees

If you have been assessed a Non-Quebec Resident Fee and believe you should not be, please click on the link below for “Non-Quebec Resident Fees” and follow the instructions.

Registration Fees





Application Fees

General application fee, international student document analysis fee, admissions aptitude tests fees

Commandite Students

Non-Quebec & International Students


Sale of goods and the provision of services to students
This document complements the College By-Laws by specifying the cost of purchase or rental of goods and of services not covered by Article 24.5 of the Act. It also specifies the penalties that students must pay when they fail to comply with College deadlines. The sale of goods and services through the College Bookstore is not included in this document.


Bylaw 1
Concerning the General Administration of the College

Bylaw 2A
Concerning Student Fees For Admission, Registration and Instructional Services.
Effective Winter 2019.

Bylaw 2B
Concerning Supplemental Student Fees. Effective Winter 2019.

Bylaw 5
Concerning Financial Management

Bylaw 10
Concerning Procurement.

Last Modified: July 9, 2020