Finance Forms

Finance Forms

Faculty COVID Expense Report Guidelines

Faculty COVID Expense Report
This form is to be used by faculty to request a reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred in the preparation and delivery of online courses during the COVID crisis.

Staff COVID Expense Report Guidelines

Staff COVID Expense Report
This report is used by non-teaching personnel to request a reimbursement for incremental costs associated with working from home during the containment period due to COVID-19.

Cheque Requisition Form
This form is needed for:
1. Requesting an advance for College related business, when the amount is over $100.00.
2. Reporting expenses against an expense advance.
3. Reimbursement of “out of pocket” expenses (exceeding $100.00).
4. Payments to a company under contract.
5. For reporting of revenues from College activities.

This form is to be used by College staff to inform the College of contracts with companies or professionals for services. Contracts negotiated without proper approvals are null and void. This form is updated every year.

Deposit Request
This form must be completed and submitted along with any deposits (cash or cheques) to Finance. Please note that the form must be signed and approved.

Petty Cash Advance
This form is used to request advances up to $100. The form must be approved and can be submitted during petty cash hours.

Petty Cash Voucher
This form is used for reimbursement of “out of pocket” expenses less than $100 (use Cheque Requisition From for expenses >$100.) Original receipts must be submitted with the voucher which must be signed by two individuals (Submitter and Approver).

Signing Authority Delegation Form
The process of delegating signing authority requires that all parties are aware of the appropriate College by-laws that they are subject to. Upon authorization the delegator will continue to be responsible for the proper use of this authority. Ensure that before any financial activity occurs, Finance is given an approved signed Authority Delegation Form. All signing authorities must be renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Waiver of tendering process
This form is used to waive the requirement for quotes where contracts by mutual agreement are allowed, as per policy CORP-01 article 12.

Instructions for the Cheque Request Form: The complete “how to” guide for cheque requests.

Business Expenses

Policy on Business Expenses
Board members and employees incurring expenses on authorized College business are entitled to have all such reasonable expenses reimbursed to them and to receive a limited advance toward such expenses.

Last Modified: April 15, 2020