Non-Quebec Resident Fees

Canadian citizens and landed immigrants who register part-time and who are not Quebec residents, pay an additional amount of $5.36 per course hour for part-time studies. The fee is in addition to all other applicable fees including other hourly course fees.

Full time students in a program pay an amount of $1,508.00 per semester. This amount is in addition to other applicable fees (excluding hourly course fee).


If you have a Non-Quebec resident fee and believe you should not, you must ensure that the College has the proper proof of residency in your file, as soon as possible.  Please refer to the “Attestation of Quebec Resident Status” below for the type of proof required.

Quebec residency documentation and any inquiries on a student’s Quebec status should be addressed to:
514-931-8731 ext: 1156
Registrar Office: room 2D.6

Please note that until your status is changed, the NQ fees will remain on your account and you will be liable for paying them and will be put on default until it is cleared.  All other student fees must be paid by the specified due dates.

These fees are effective as of the Summer 2017 semester. These rates are preliminary and are subject to finalization by the Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement supérieur du Québec.

English:  Attestation of Quebec Resident Status 
Francais:  Attestation du Statut de Résident du Québec

Last Modified: December 6, 2017