Faculty Advisor 1
Julian Nemeth
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Office: 4E.15-1
Local: 4427
Faculty Advisor 2
Nancy Rebelo
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Office: 5D.29
Local: 4669

The Dawson College Model United Nations (DCMUN) has attracted a large number of new and returning students ever since its inaugural 2010-2011 season. Last year alone, we had approximately 60 active members.

DCMUN is a recognized and valued para-academic activity at Dawson, and students, who work in conjunction with Faculty Advisors, are part of all aspects of recruitment, training, and social engagement. The strong sense of community and camaraderie, as well as a robust training programme, have allowed students to develop lasting friendships, connections, and valuable skills in diplomacy, research, leadership, and communication.

Our student delegates and delegations have impressed conferences with their preparation, professionalism, and performance – whether they win awards (as they regularly do) or not. DCMUN is also known for its tight, well-organized activities; we value professionalism at all levels of our organization.

We are an inclusive organization; we invite all students to participate in Model UN to the limits of their interests and abilities, and we ​usually offer students the opportunity to attend conferences locally (MUNC, McMUN, etc), nationally (NAMUN), and internationally (NMUN, WorldMUN).

DCMUN is ready to welcome its new cohort of students and get the 2023-2024 season off ​to a great start!

​Feel free to contact the Faculty Advisors for more information and visit our official DCMUN Facebook page.

Last Modified: August 25, 2023