Frequently Asked Questions – Day Students

Can I register 24 hours a day?

You can register 24 hours a day during the registration period except when the system is shut down for maintenance.

When are classes for the Winter 2021 semester?

Please go to the Academic Calendar information page to for all important dates during the semester.

When will I receive registration information?

Paper progression charts are no longer mailed to returning students. Returning students are asked to log into MyDawson, go to myOmnivox Services and click on Progression Chart. In addition to their proposed (“to do W21”) courses on the Progression Chart, Academic Advisors may also have posted comments to further guide the students with registration.

New students in Winter 2021 may also see their progression charts at My College Services – Progression Chart and Important Registration Info.

The Winter 2021 Timetable and Registration Guide is now available online. Students access the timetable by logging into MyDawson and finding the link under My College Services.

Please note, the timetable is no longer printed by the College.

What if I will be away and don't think I can register by internet?

At the moment of your Omnivox appointment time and during the online registration period, you could ask a trusted friend or family member to register for you, as long as he or she has your student number, Omnivox password and access to your Progression Chart. If instead, you need to ask someone to register for you in person (that is, after the end of online registration), you should fill out a proxy form, just download the Proxy Registration Form.

Will courses be assigned to me?

Students in most programs, with the exception of Liberal Arts students and returning students in General Social Science, will be assigned some or all of their program-specific education (concentration) courses. When courses are assigned, it means that spaces are reserved for you in appropriate courses. You will still have to add remaining courses and finalize your registration. Remember: even if you are only taking assigned courses, you still have to finalize your registration.

The deadlines to finalize your Winter 2021 registration are:

January 22, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. for RETURNING students in a Day program

January 22, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. for NEW students in a Day program (and students who have been expelled but re-admitted by the appeals committee)

How do I find out my assigned courses?

Log onto MyDawson. Assigned courses will be found under My Omnivox Services, Course Schedule Inquiry. They will be on the system just prior to your registration date.

What must I register for?

In addition to your specific education ( concentration ) courses, you must also take the general education and complementary courses indicated on your Progression Chart for the semester you are entering. These courses are indicated as “to do W21” (Winter 2021) on your Progression Chart; this is accessed by returning students by logging into MyDawson, and under My College Services, clicking on Progression Chart and Important Registration Info.

You may also find useful information on how to use the Omnivox registration system by consulting the How to Register video.

What do I do if I cannot, or would prefer not to, take a full course load this semester?

A full course load refers to the number of courses you are expected to take each semester so as to complete all your courses in the usual period of time. You may request a reduced course load by logging on to MyDawson, and under My College Services, click on Reduced Course Load Request.

Reducing your course load may have consequences on your time to graduation. Please consult an Academic Advisor during a drop-in session if you are unclear on the impact of reducing your course load.

Can I, as a day student, take a course through Continuing Education?

Only in very exceptional circumstances and with special permission from the Registrar. Students should contact the Helpline Chat to obtain permission. In order to connect with the Helpline Chat at your appointed registration time, simply log in your dawson portal, go to my Omnivox Services, Course Registration and upon entering the module you will see a ‘start chat’ icon.

What are my fees?

See the Finance department’s page at Student Fees

Last Modified: January 5, 2021