Physiotherapy Technology

Dawson College Health Clinic
Physiotherapy Technology
Office: 3C.2
  Local: 6683

Who are we?

Dawson College Health Clinic – Physiotherapy Technology is a learning environment for the graduating students of the Physiotherapy Technology program. Promoting multidisciplinary work, the initial evaluation and the treatment plan is provided by a professional while the treatments are provided by the students under the supervision of a licensed physiotherapist. Clients benefit from this concept by receiving quality care at an affordable rate.

What health issues do we treat?

  • Muscle Pain (Strains and Tears, Tendonitis)
  • Nerves (Sciatica, Carpal tunnel, “Pinched Nerve”, Herniated disc)
  • Joint (Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Subluxation/Dislocation, Capsulitis, Bursitis)
  • Pain
  • Loss of Balance
  • Skeletal/Bone (Post fracture)
  • Ligamentous (Sprains and Tears)
  • Biomechanical Dysfunction (Poor Posture)

How do we treat?

As health care professionals, physiotherapy technologists combine in-depth knowledge of the human body with specialized clinical rehabilitation skills to intervene in cases of illness, injury and/or loss of normal function in the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiopulmonary systems. Their goal is to obtain optimal functional performance regarding a patient’s strength, mobility and overall well-being.

Physiotherapy technologists uses multiple rehabilitation modalities such as strengthening and flexibility exercises, massage techniques, electrotherapy and thermotherapy.

Last Modified: September 7, 2018