3H.10 High-tech AL Classroom

3H.10 is the first of Dawson’s 2nd generation high-tech Active Learning Classroom.

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It was built in 2018 and was a refined version of a 2nd generation high-tech AL classroom (3F.38) but features Nureva interactive touch screens that includes a continuous Span Wall technology. 

Design Layout (for more about the design features of this room click here)

  • 7 student oval-like tables with 6-7 chairs (on casters) per table for a total room capacity of up to 49 students;
  • A horse-shoe arrangement of tables with an open area in the centre;
  • Coloured flooring to delineate the horse-shoe room arrangement;
  • Colour coding for each table/Nureva group that is identified by coloured wall segments above each board;
  • A small teacher podium on casters that holds the teacher’s wireless keyboard and mouse and has room for books and notes.

Technology, Lighting & Sound

  • 8 wall-mounted Nureva Wall surfaces (one per student table + one for the teacher) around the perimeter of the room, each with a networked computer PC (mounted just below each Nureva Board) and wireless keyboards and mouse on each table.
    For an introduction on how to use Nureva Wall technology click here;
    For an overview of the Nureva Span cloud-based collaborative environment click here;
  • A Cramer LCD screen digital control system for turning Nureva boards on and off and broadcasting any SMART Board around the room. For details on how to use the digital switcher click here;
  • Flexible lighting that includes dual-intensity direct lighting over each student table as well as general room lighting and lighting of the central area – all on separate switches. For details on how to use the lighting click here;
  • A sound system with speakers in the ceiling that can broadcast sound from the teacher SMART Board. For details on how to use the sound system click here.
3H. 10 has been the subject of numerous articles about innovative classroom design and the effective use of technology:




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Last Modified: March 9, 2019