Please note, that workshops are two sessions and an hour and a half long, with extra time reserved for questions afterwards.

See below for more information and to sign up.

*Workshops will be in person and classroom information will be provided via email the week of the workshop. You are required to attend both workshops in consecutive order.*

  • These workshops are specifically for those students who do not know what they would like to do later on and need guidance.

    To sign up for a workshop, click on the date that best fits your schedule. Once you select this date, you will automatically be signed up for the second workshop, which is the following week on the same day and time. You will need to attend both workshops. A follow up email will be sent with the room number at a later date.
  • Session #1- Career 101

    This workshop goes over the career development process and other tidbits pertaining to career. We will also provide an assessment (Self-Directed Search (SDS)) for students to complete on their own time.

    Session #2- Career Planning

    This workshop goes over your results from the SDS and different career resources that can be used to help identify aspects of the self, matching occupations, education pathways, etc.

    *Maximum number of students for each workshop: 30.
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Last Modified: January 24, 2023