The Transformations Hub in Food Justice and Sustainability at Dawson College is dedicated to:

  1. Connections: Building tools and technologies to facilitate work at the community-level and across Montreal to address issues of food security, sovereignty, and sustainability.
  2. Collaboration: Collaboration with community partners and researchers to build a community of practice in applied research that benefits Montreal neighborhoods and residents.
  3. Community-based research: Building a profile of community-led and community-based research that informs our community of practice as well as tools and technologies for food systems transformation.

What we have done:

  1. Food Map of Montreal: We have built a database of approximately 14,000 points for all locations in the food system in Montreal. This includes community food assets such as gardens and fresh food drop-off points as well as the conventional food system that includes restaurants, grocery stores, depanneurs, and more. This map is delineated by neighborhood for the entire island of Montreal. Click on the image below to see the full Montreal Food Map.
Montreal Food Map

If you have difficulties with the image, you may also find it HERE.

Last Modified: October 11, 2019