Student Resources for Online Learning


Delivering education in an online environment is a new experience for students and teachers alike. As everyone adjusts to this situation, it is important to minimize the possibility of creating stress in online classes. To ensure that the teaching and learning environment is a positive, safe and welcoming one, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the policies and rules below.

As a student participating in an online learning environment, you must abide by all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, rules in your course outline, the Student Code of Conduct, the Policy on Sexual Violence, the Policy to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and the Abuse of Power, and the Dawson User IT Policy.

The following rules are derived from college policies:

Students must not:

  1. Enter a virtual classroom without authorization. Access to a virtual classroom is reserved to the students registered in that course.
  2. Share the virtual classroom link with anyone not registered in the class.
  3. Use a pseudonym. Students must use the name which the College has on record, unless the teacher approves of use of a pseudonym for purposes such as the recording of lectures.
  4. NEW: Use inappropriate profile pictures to identify themselves while attending a virtual class. Inappropriate pictures include, but are not limited to, depictions of weapons, violence, sexually explicit material or celebrities. When a student’s camera is off, the image that appears must be either a photo of the student or a blank screen showing the student’s name.
  5. Send inappropriate messages to other students, faculty members, via the telephone, online chat, including but not limited to, messages that are offensive, abusive, derogatory, harassing or threatening.
  6. Display, transmit, distribute or make available information that expresses or implies discrimination or bullying, or an intention to discriminate or bully.
  7. lnterrupt the class or interfere with the work of other students or teachers.

When students are attending in-person activities at the College, they must follow all the health and safety procedures.

If you do not abide by College rules and the health procedures, including those stated above:

  1. Your College account will be suspended, including your access to Omnivox and Moodle;
  2. Teachers have the right to exclude you from the class;
  3. You may be suspended and/or expelled from the College.

Check out the Student’s Survival Guide to Online Learning for more information!

Last Modified: October 20, 2022