CRC Robotics 2018

February 1st - 3rd, 2018

The Canadian Robotics Competition (CRC) is being hosted this year at Laval Senior Academy between February 1st to the 3rd. This event is open to high schools and CEGEP’s in the greater Montreal area and garners a lot of attention. This would be the seventh consecutive year Dawson has participated.
This is a multi-disciplined competition with the following requirements:
1. Design and build a robot able to perform a specific set of tasks
2. Develop a website
3. Make a short video
4. Build a themed kiosk

Project Update

This year, the Robotics competition named `Converto` and ran for three days from Feb 1st to 3rd and was hosted at Laval Senior Academy. This represents the eighth consecutive year Dawson has participated in the CRC Robotics competition. More than twelve students from various disciplines participated.

The theme this year was based on the popular movie “Madagascar” reflected in the design of the kiosk and website. The team made use of the heavy duty crating that was used to transport our recently purchased CNC Machine as part of the props. An elaborate LED billboard was also built.

The competition
The objective this year was to collect small footballs from a holder and launch them into containers and openings in the playfield in order to accumulate points.

In terms of standings, we placed 13th out of 30 teams with honorable mention for sportsmanship and participation.

Last Modified: March 1, 2018