DrJes 15-16

Fall 2015 – Winter 2016

The Dawson Research Journal of Experimental Science (DrJes) is a print publication designed to give Dawson students an early introduction to the manner in which scientific work is conducted: formulating and testing a hypothesis, writing a scientific paper that is refered in the normal manner of scientific journals

  • it allows student to showcase their research
  • it provides the students on the Editorial Board with the experience of putting together a journal
  • The editors improve their own written communication skills by editing the work of the authors
  • it provides samples of what the DrJes Editorial Board considers exemplary work
  • it encourages students to do excellent work and to perfect their presentation of such work
  • it provides a source of ideas for follow-up work
  • it provides a competitive advantage for admission to university programs for those students who have had their work published
  • it adds prestige to the College

DrJes has been, and is being, used as a teaching tool by the Biology Department in preparing students for their Comprehensive Examination project in General Biology I course. Faulty have asserted that  the quality of students’ work (development of working hypotheses, experimental design, analysis of resulting data and the final written report), have consistently improved since the advent of the journal. This is the eleventh issue published since the inception of the journal in 1999.

Last Modified: November 3, 2017