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September 2019

Neuroscience 4
Research Projects

Engaging students in authentic research through Neuroscience

Students learning about the realities of doing research, navigating uncharted territory, and developing self-efficiency, resilience and collaborative skills in the face of multiple obstacles.


Reimagining support for Dawson teachers: Introducing the Faculty Hub

Initiating a collaborative, coordinated approach to faculty support and development.

Felix and Anya 1

Felix and Anya: Exploring trauma and resilience through visual storytelling

How do we move on from tragedy and hardship? How can we integrate painful experiences into who we are, without letting them completely define us?

dawson e-learning logo_symbol only
Pedagogical Strategies and Practices

Online teaching: A rich pedagogical approach

At the heart of online pedagogy is one of its most noteworthy advantages: the close interactions and feedback that can be exchanged between students and teacher.


French à la carte: Customized workshops for disciplines, profiles and programs

Creating French-language workshops and custom material to help students communicate in their field of study.

chem curious 2

Using superhero videos to teach chemistry

Shaping teaching into story-telling can make knowledge more meaningful.

Research Projects

Food for thought: Using food and sustainability to engage students

How to engage students by connecting the overwhelming issues of climate change with meaningful and actionable ideas related to food justice and sustainability.

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