Resources by Fellows


Developing an online course by Chantale Giguère



Online teaching: a rich pedagogical approach, Academic Matters, Issue Sept. 2019 by Catherine Braithwaite, Chantale Giguère, Daniel Goldsmith, Selma Hamdani, Reisa Levine



Developing Student Autonomy in Your Online Course: Tips to Foster Self-regulation Skills Presented by: Chantale Giguère, Einat Idan, January 2021


Tips for Developing Engaging Online Activities: Ice-Breakers, Group Work and More!, Presented by: Chantale Giguère, Reisa Levine


Role Reversal: What do Your Students See in an Interactive Class Using Zoom? Presented by: Chantale Giguère, April 2020


Give Audio Feedback in Moodle with Poodll Presented by: Chantale Giguère, April 2020, Dawson Faculty Hub


Create Social Presence and Student Engagement in Your Online Courses Presented by: Catherine Soleil, Chantale Giguère, Laure Galipeau, August 2020, Dawson Faculty Hub

Last Modified: February 4, 2021