“Program” Format

The E-learning Community of Practice works using a three—step process:

  • Application to CoP
    Application to the CoP in October
  • STEP 1: Synthesis & Design
    The Community of Practice (comprised of Fellows, CoP
    Coordinators and Educators) meet synchronously every
    2 weeks for critical discourse, reflection and practical
    application to assist members to develop a meaningful
    and enriched blended course or activity based on best
    practices outlined in the literature.
  • STEP 2: Implementation
    Using knowledge previously gained, Fellows finalize and
    implement the blended activity or course that was
    developed during the synthesis and design stage. Data
    is collected and the experience with the blended activity
    or course is documented.
  • STEP 3: Portfolio Development
    Fellows develop a portfolio summarizing
    their blended activity or course, as well as
    knowledge gained. This knowledge is then
    shared with present and past members of the
    E-learning community of practice.


Last Modified: October 4, 2022