Synchronous or asynchronous courses? Online lectures or teamwork? 100% distance courses or hybrid courses?

It is difficult to make proper pedagogical choices without related experience. Even the most seasoned teachers, experts in their content and caring deeply about renewing their teaching methods, hesitate when confronted with the possibility of delivering their course as a distance course, not knowing quite where to begin.

Given that each course must be planned and developed in terms of a curriculum, a clientele, and a specific context, it would be fanciful to seek a single formula that meets the needs of all teachers/content developers or the needs of all distance learners.

This Web site presents some of the possible paths based on concrete experience with a hybrid college-level course in French as a second language. It also presents links to recent research, blogs about distance teaching/learning, and resources specifically listed to help you develop your own college-level distance course.

Please maintain this site by sending us your links, ideas, and suggestions. Enjoy!

Last Modified: November 1, 2017