Moodle Day 2024


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May 31st, 2024 (Friday) –  Online through Teams

Presentations Schedule

9:00 AM  – Optimizing the Moodle documentation publishing process with Scenari (Dokiel) 

Presenter: Marc Couture, Moodle Admin, Université de Sherbrooke

At the Université de Sherbrooke, upgrading to Moodle 4.1 and the ensuing major work to update our existing documentation led us to re-evaluate our online help and internal training materials.  This re-evaluation was also made necessary by upper management’s decision not to renew our Confluence public license (Atlassian), the platform we previously used to publish our online documentation. After some research, we chose the Scenari open-source platform and its Dokiel documentation model: 


In this presentation, we will take a quick look at our experience so far, which has been very positive overall over the past year in which we migrated all our documentation to the Scenari platform. We’ll also present the next steps in our transition to Scenari, with plans to extend its use to helping faculty collaborate and publish educational resources. 

9:30 AM – eConcordia Compass: A Case Study in Building a New Course Format

Presenter: Nicolas Dalpé, eConcordia 

Join us for an insightful presentation on eConcordia’s journey through the transition to Moodle, highlighting the challenges faced, the needs identified, and the strategic approach taken to enhance the user experience. Our discussion will delve into the technical methods employed in building the solution, underscored by our focus on effective visual presentation and thematic expression. We will also explore the thoughtful design of course structure and navigation, alongside our refined assessment structures, to optimize both teaching and learning experiences. This presentation is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our ongoing efforts to improve and adapt our educational platforms to better meet the needs of our students and faculty. 

10:00 AM – Integrating with Clara: How to sync Moodle courses and enrolments from Clara in an automated way

Presenter: Marc Charbonneau, Moodle Admin, Dawson College

This presentation will demonstrate the integration developed to synchronize courses and student enrollments from Clara SIS into Moodle automatically, enhancing course management and streamlining student access.

10:30 AM – Integrating H5P into Teaching at Concordia    

Presenters: Alicia Cundell & Mike Barcomb, Concordia University

During this session you will see examples of how H5P activities have been integrated within Moodle in different teaching contexts at Concordia. These examples include the use of: Mark the Words, Interactive video, (Complex) Fill in the Blanks, Sort the Paragraphs, and Interactive Book in Managerial Accounting, Technical Writing and Aerospace Engineering classes. 

11:00 – 11:15 AM : Break

11:15 AM – The Future of AI in Moodle  

Presenters: Rafael Scapin & Cameron Campbell, IT Ped Counsellors, Dawson College

This presentation will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) will be integrated into Moodle and the enhancements it will bring. We’ll delve into Moodle’s future plans for AI utilization and examine how this technology will enhance plugins and modules, optimizing both functionality and user experience.


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