Winter 2023 Surveys

The Quality Assurance & Planning Office administers a number of surveys throughout the year on behalf of various departments and bodies in the College. The following are some of the bigger surveys that are running in the Winter 2022 semester.

Graduate Destinations Survey

Dawson graduates are surveyed 6-12 months after graduation to gather feedback on how well their program and the College prepared them for their endeavours following graduation, with emphasis on preparation for further study at a university or another institution of higher education and/or integration into the job market.

First-year Student Survey

Survey of students in the first year of their programs, run at the midpoint of the Winter semester. The goal of this survey is to help the College learn about the needs of students and how best to support them. The data collected help the College understand what services are needed to assist students to succeed in their studies.

Survey of Continuing Education Students

Similar to the First-year Student Survey, the goal of this survey is to help the College learn about the needs of Continuing Education students and how best to support them.

Graduate Satisfaction Point of Exit Survey

All pre-university and technical DEC students nearing completion of their last term of study at the College are invited to fill out the POE survey during the last month of classes. These survey results help programs know what graduating students appreciate about their programs as well as what they think needs improvement. Students are also asked about their plans for after graduation.

Last Modified: December 5, 2022